Who are we?

BoldProjector found late 2018, is all about designing and producing high-quality mini projectors that are portable and easy to use. We don't like the fact that most people around the world have to go all the way to the cinema, pay for tickets, food, snacks, and more potential expenses to watch a movie when you can do it at home with the BoldProjector we released this year.

Our primary purpose for this brand is not only to help save people money, but to also bring family and friends together, and watch movies, shows or videos while having a great time together!

What's our vision?

Our vision for BoldProjector is broad, we recently released the first version of the BoldProjector that we had been working on for two years - and we must say, our customers love every detail of it. Since launch, we have been super grateful to have hundreds of thousands of customers speak their opinion of the projector and how much they like it to us.

We're always in the works to find new advanced technology that would help the next version of our projector be better than ever, it is not yet planned for the next release, but it's coming!